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Vision & Mission


Athens State University will be the premier destination for transfer students seeking the highest quality education and cutting-edge delivery at the most affordable cost. As the upper-division university in Alabama, building on a tradition that began in 1822, Athens State University will be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of its students.


The University advances the best interests of its students and the State of Alabama through teaching, service, research, and other creative activities to empower students to make valuable contributions in their professional, civic, educational, and economic endeavors. Through innovative communication and course delivery for high-quality undergraduate and select graduate programs, Athens State University provides a supportive environment for each student, demonstrating the importance of the diverse and interdependent nature of our state and society. Athens State University changes the face of Alabama by changing the lives of its students.

(Mission Statement was approved by the Board of Trustees Executive Committee on March 10th, 2015.)



  1. To emphasize a student-centered approach to teaching, learning, and University life by expanding educational opportunities and social mobility through high quality instructional and student support services that are both accessible and affordable.
  2. To promote a sense of belonging that results in lifelong associations with the University.
  3. To foster and strengthen effective partnerships with educational, governmental, business, charitable, and civic organizations.
  4. To recruit and retain a diverse and highly qualified faculty and staff committed to excellence in all University pursuits.
  5. To encourage an atmosphere of diversity and to protect the free exchange of ideas.
  6. To maintain and improve University facilities and programs through public funds and philanthropic initiatives and to ensure effective stewardship of resources.
  7. To conduct University affairs in a manner that is transparent, deliberative, and ethical.
  8. To evaluate, support, and effectively utilize emerging technologies.


  1. Global Understanding
    Graduates of Athens State University will understand human cultures, the natural world, and the connections of a global society in the 21st century.
  2. Effective Communication
    Graduates of Athens State University will read, write, speak, and listen effectively.
  3. Lifelong Learner
    Graduates of Athens State University will desire to learn for a lifetime.
  4. Intellectual and Practical Skills
    Graduates of Athens State University will think critically and creatively, independently and cooperatively, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  5. Ethical Responsibility
    Graduates of Athens State University will engage in moral and ethical reasoning and will be proactive in their efforts to build a more just world.
  6. Human Diversity
    Graduates of Athens State University will recognize and value human differences as well as understand how those differences enrich communities.
  7. Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy
    Graduates of Athens State University will appropriately utilize and embrace emerging and relevant technologies and will demonstrate information literacy that will enhance their personal and professional lives.
  8. Civic Engagement
    Graduates of Athens State University will be prepared to participate effectively in civic, charitable, and governmental affairs.
  9. Disciplinary Knowledge
    Graduates of Athens State University will have an in-depth understanding of a discipline that will prepare them for careers or further studies, showing evidence of applying quality research to real situations.
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